Aged To Perfection

Aged Meat | Medium Rare | Butcher EtobicokeOur customers tell us that there are many reasons why they are consistently satisfied with the quality of our beef. One of the most important of these is the high standard we demand in the selection and the aging of our product.

Location is the first factor.

We believe that there are only a few places in the world with the perfect blend of climate, soil, and other natural elements to produce the tastiest beef. We’ve found these areas to be concentrated within the Province of Ontario, where the right conditions exist to produce the ultra fine beef we’re looking for. Our abattoir (meat house) only buys cattle reared on these special Ontario farms. We select the best of this naturally raised beef, and then we select the very best of the best.

Dry aging is another factor.

A time-honored tradition, dry-aged beef hangs in our regulated refrigerator for a minimum of 32 days. Aging allows the natural enzymes of the meat to break down the meat fibers, and adds a nutty, robust and richer flavor, as well as leaving a butter-like, velvety texture. It simply adds incomparable taste.

Very few are willing to invest the time and the high expense to properly dry-age beef, due to cost concerns resulting from moisture loss and discarded meat. But let’s be clear – dry aging is a process that simply cannot be compared to the wet-aged beef that you might find in a supermarket, where a meat ages in its own juices while in a vacuum-sealed bag. And it produces a vastly superior product … one that we are determined to bring to our customers, and one that they truly appreciate.