In Memory of Frank

On July 8th, 2011, this world lost a great man who touched the lives of so many.  We will never forget you Frank and you will always be in our hearts.

Frank Del Gobbo | Medium Rare | Butcher EtobicokeMaster Butcher Frank Del Gobbo has been a leader by reputation in his discipline of butchery. Through sheer inspiration, he has always been a few steps ahead of the pack bringing both immense creativity and honesty to his trade.


Frank started in the food business at the age 12, working in bakeries and food shops in and around Toronto. At 18, he gained valuable experience in the meat department of an old world European market where he learned how to properly handle, cut and trim meats in traditional ways. Through hard work and determination, Frank became the Manager of one of Toronto’s most prestigious food shops by the age of 21, helping to provide a finer product for more refined and knowledgeable consumers.


By the age of 25, Frank felt it was time to branch out on his own. He founded and opened Frank’s Meat Boutique in Humbertown Shopping Center,on The Kingsway where he quickly became appreciated for his knowledge, product and service. Choosing to expand his knowledge, he then sold the Boutique and began to travel through Europe and the United States.


As a result of his travels, Frank became involved in competition cooking, including his own chili, sausages and particularly B.B.Q. He traveled with a team to get a proper feel for this new sport, learning B.B.Q. techniques from the very best in the business.


It was then time to return to Toronto’s West End and capitalize on an appreciative fan base, opening Medium Rare, one of the City’s most prestigious premium meat boutiques.