Franks' Original Gourmet Sausages | Medium Rare | Butcher Etobicoke

All of Frank’s sausages are original recipes. Sausage Making has been a passion of Frank’s for the last two decades. He only combines the best flavors of the world using all natural chunks of succulent meats and poultry with the finest ingredients herbs and spices then finishes the process in all natural casings.All of Frank’s gourmet sausages are wheat and gluten free. No additives. No preservatives. No M.S.G., and no fillers. Nothing but true authentic gourmet ingredients. You won’t find a selection like this anywhere!!

Andouille Creole – Louisiana Sausage with Bayou Spices
Apricots Chicken Curry Sausage
Beef Sausage
Berkshire & Seasalt
Bison Blast – With a Mushroom Medley
Blazing Bison
Blue Cheese Steak – A Sausage Inspired by the Steakhouse
Brazilian Linguica – Portuguese Sausage with a Brazilian Twist
California Sun – Turkey with Sundried Tomatoes
Chaurice Cajun Turkey – A Louisiana-inspired Sausage
Chicken Apple Breakfast
Chicken Breakfast Sausage
Chicken Chorizo
Chicken Florentine – With Spinach, Asiago & Fontina
Chicken Jalapeno & Old Cheddar – Chicken with a Llittle Nip & Kick
Chicken Lemon & Rosemary – A Classic Rustic Flavour
Chicken Pesto & Parmigiano – Truly an Italian-inspired Sausage
Chicken Sage & Leek – The Flavours of the Old World with Succulent Chicken
Dolce Fennell
Dolce Vita – Authentic Italian Sausage
Duck Orange & Chilli – Sweet & Hot Sausage with Prosciutto
El Chorizo – Authentic Mexican Sausage with Ancho, Cayenne, & Red Wine
El Gaucho Steak – Argentine-inspired Sausage with Cilantro and Chilies
English Bangers and Leeks – Authentic Cumberland Sausage with Leeks
English Breakfast – Traditional English Breakfast Sausage
French Toulouse – Authentic Toulouse Sausage with White Wine, Herbs, & Garlic
Garden Lamb – With Mint and Herbs
Goodfellas – Authentic Molisana Sausage with a Hint of Fennel
Green Apple & Stilton – An Unbelievable Marriage of Flavours
Guinness – Authentic Irish Sausage with Stout & Spice
Honey Chipotle – Sweet & Heat with the Smokey Flavour of Chipotle
Honey Garlic Pork
Hot Sicilian – Authentic Sicilian Sausage with Chilies & Herbs
Italian Countryside – With Red Wine & Parmigiano Cheese
Jerk Chicken – Our Spiciest Sausage with Scotch Bonnet Peppers
La Parma – Milk-fed Veal, Spinach, & Parmigiano Cheese
Lugano Forever – An Authentic Luganega Sausage
Mad Mexican
Maple Habenero – Sweet & Heat with a Hint of Maple Syrup
Maple Mustard – Perfect Compliment to our Berkeshire Pork
Mediterranean Lamb – With Spinach, Feta & Sundried Tomatoes
Merguez Lamb – Authentic Moroccan Sausage with Coriander & Cumin
Miami Mojo Chicken – A Cuban-inspired Sausage
Pork Jalapeno Popper
Poulet de Provence – Chicken Sausage with Dijon & Tarragon
Prime Rib Porcini – The Perfect Blend of Flavours
Red Pepper Rapini
Sante Fe Chicken – The Taste of New Mexico Explodes in Your Mouth
Sheboygan Bratwurst – German-style Bratwurst
Southern B.B.Q. Pork – For the True Taste of the South
Sweet Cherry Duck – Alsace-inspired Sausage with Red Pepper and Fennel
Thai Chicken – Green Curry and Succulent Chicken Make a Perfect Match
The Great Garlic – Polish Sausage with Roasted Garlic & Herbs
Turducken – Turkey, Duck & Chicken with Authentic Cajun Seasoning
Turkey Andouille
Turkey Apple & Cranberry – A Favourite with the Kids
Turkey Fennel – A Rich Italian-inspired Sausage
Turkey Franks
Turkey Truffle and Leek
Turkeyfest – Free-range Turkey with the Classic Oktoberfest Flavour
Tuscan Lamb – With Sundried Tomatoes, Pine Nuts
Venison & Forest Fruit – Rich with the Flavour of Wild Berries
Venison with Chilli and Chives
Wild Boar & Country Truffle – With Pistachio, Porcini, & Truffles
Wild Boar with Prunes & Cognac – King Louis Would Approve
Wiseguys – Milk-fed Veal, Pork, Sweet Peppers & Leeks