Market Game Meats

Market Game Meats | Medium Rare | Butcher Etobicoke

Market Game Meats

– Bison Striploin
– Bison Tenderloin
– Boneless Muscovy Ducks Breasts
– Bromelake Ducks
– Caribou Racks
– Cornish Hens
– Elk & Venison Rack
– Guinea Fowl
– Muscovy Ducks
– Ostrich
– Pheasant
– Quails & Eggs
– Range Rabbits
– Wild Boar Racks

Also available burger and sausage selections.

*All products subject to change depending on market availability and price.

We cut our meat according to Frank’s standards, but we would love to cut any piece of game meat to yours! All of our marinades are made in our kitchen and are ready to marinate or flavor any piece of game meat you want on the spot!